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The services offered by Securia Consulting are summarized below, with the objective to change rapidly in line with market demands. Targeted clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, service offering companies and any other institutions that have ICT as a major driver in their operations.

ICT Enterprise Risk Assessments

Securia Consulting offers ICT Risk Assessment through working with Client’s Information Technology and Business teams to assess the risk to critical computing assets. Using a consistent methodology, we work with the Client to document and analyze the Organization’s risk profile.

Enterprise Security Assesment

We help our clients to ensure complete system security through security assessments and audits across the organization. We assess all nodes on the network from a public and private access perspective. We then recommend prioritized risk responses that will eliminate and reduce risk vulnerabilities.

Penetration & Vulnerability Assessment

Securia Consulting’s penetration and vulnerability testing process proactively identifies vulnerabilities at a Client’s information processing network in order to determine if and where a system or network component can be exploited and/or threatened, seeking out security flaws, testing systems for the occurrence of those flaws and generating a report of the findings. We then give recommendations to mitigate the vulnerabilities thereby improving the Client’s security while reducing risk.

ICT Audit

Auditing of a Client’s IT environment should be based on risk as represented in their risk assessment. Securia Consulting gives this audit service to provide an assessment of the Client’s overall quality, adequacy and effectiveness in their IT audit program. This audit supplements other, more general, internal and external audits.

Website and Web Application Audits

As a public facing asset, websites are always easy targets for hackers. Once compromised criminals can get away with lot of confidential information. Securia Consulting helps Clients secure their business presence online by conducting website security testing to find potential vulnerabilities and gives recommendations on how to fix them. As we take care of the security of your online presence, you focus on your business.

Computer Forensics

Securia Consulting provides Clients with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical information analysis. We help Clients when they need to conduct internal investigations or to examine allegations of wrongdoing, including those that have taken a litigation approach. We aim to help clients successfully resolve investigations promptly and with minimal business disruption.

IS Awareness Training

We offer awareness trainings to our Clients’ staff with the aim of fostering a security conscious culture in the organization. Securia Consulting offers tailor-made all-employee annual training content for our Clients around topics of interest and trending risks in the Client environment.

IS Compliance Readiness Reviews

Securia Consulting provides audit and security activities centered on compliance to the world renown ISO 27000 series of standards including ensuring that implementation specifications are in place prior to an ISO Certification assessment.

IS Policy & Procedure Development

The need for information security policies and procedures cannot be overstated in this day and age. Securia Consulting assists Clients to develop meaningful and applicable policies and procedures that will be used to govern information security in the Organizations.

Data Center Audits

Data centers are at the heart of any business and the cost of downtime is enormous. Data center owners invest heavily in the facilities infrastructure to support the mission critical IT services. Securia Consulting’s Data Center Audits reveals non-conformities to global standards for both new as well as existing data centers where business managers want to understand the potential risks in the data center facilities infrastructure. It reviews all key critical areas such as site location, architecture/construction, electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, safety, fire detection and fire suppression, physical security etc.

Core Applications/ERP Audit

Securia Consulting helps our Clients evaluate their core application security environment. We review application security controls to prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access to business functions, sensitive transactions, data and system menus as well as assess the segregation of roles/duties among staff. This review of application security controls and user/group security profiles ensures appropriately managed business processes and related controls from a technical perspective.

Configuration Management

Majority of the security breaches nowadays are as a result of poorly configured devices and servers on the network with default settings giving unrestricted access to cyber criminals. Securia Consulting helps its Clients to successfully harden their servers, databases and network devices, a crucial starting point in ensuring a secure and robust environment.

Information Asset Classification

Organizations keep many different kinds of information in their networks and the systems thereupon. Securia consulting assists clients to classify this information to ensure information assets have protection commensurate to their value and purpose. This prevents confidential business secrets falling into the wrong hands or the public, an event that could have dire ramifications.

Data Destruction

If your business deals with sensitive information, data security becomes a serious concern during asset disposal. Legal and regulatory requirements have tight controls when it comes to disposal of media with Personally Identifiable Information. Securia Consulting provides full and compliant data destruction services that meet global data disposal/destruction requirements, helping our clients avoid costly penalties/liabilities. Formatting media or deleting files is not sufficient. We employ specialized methods which fully eradicates all data and provide a certificate of destruction as proof of the successful completion of the sanitizing process.

Other Services

Securia consulting also offers other custom information security related services based on your needs, including but not limited to IS governance, resource planning, IS Blueprint development etc.


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